How it works"

Breaking stone and concrete with the NXbursT™ Safety Cartridge gives you more control by minimising fly rock, reducing vibrations and noise, and by localising the clearance of personnel and equipment.


NXbursT™ technology is based on a non-explosive chemical compound in a cartridge, that when ignited, reacts rapidly to release a large volume of harmless gas: mainly nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam. This form of combustion is called deflagration, which in comparison to high explosives (detonation), is low explosives burning at a slower rate. Media that burn by detonation have combustion rates of > 8000 m/s. In contrast to this, low explosives undergo deflagration at rates of < 800 m/s. Because of these specifications, the NXbursT™ Safety Cartridge has been classified as Hazchem class 1.4s with UN number UN 0432.

When it comes to its application, the NXbursT™ Safety Cartridges are placed in boreholes and then sealed in. After ignition, the large volume of gas that the cartridge produces causes sufficient pressure to split stone and pull concrete apart. When used for reinforced concrete constructions, the build-up of pressure caused by the NXbursT™ Safety Cartridge is enough to separate the concrete from its reinforcement.

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